Mass Email Lead Generation for Small Business

The ability to send mass email is crucial to the lead generation efforts of any business or institution. However, finding a mass email service that fits your lead generation needs can be a challenge.

Small business owners need a mass email service that allows them to use the various types of data sources they acquire to conduct email outreach. Not all business owners have the time and budget to engage in expensive content marketing strategies to generate leads so buying targeted email lists is often the fastest way to reach their customer base. Small businesses also collect email addresses from trade shows, conferences, giveaways or acquire industry related email lists. All of these data collection methods are typically frowned upon by the traditional mass email service providers. Companies like Mailchimp and Constant Contact do not allow purchased lists, period. As a small business owner looking to mass email sending as an avenue for revenue growth, it can be extremely frustrating. Hotsol Email Marketing was built for the sole purpose of alleviating this frustration and is a trusted mass email service for small business owners who incorporate mass email sending into their overall lead generation strategy.

Hotsol vs Mailchimp and Constant Contact 


Traditional mass email services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact are not built for cold emails or purchased list marketing. Their focus is the double opt in recipient. Hotsol allows non permission-based email marketing, cold email marketing and email marketing to purchased lists. For small businesses, our mass email solutions are invaluable. 

Despite the opt in requirement of traditional mass email services and  blacklist companies like SPAMHAUS,, Proofpoint and others, small business owners are legally allowed to send mass email to recipients who did not opt in to receive their messages.. Look no further than the CAN SPAM Act. It clearly allows businesses to send mass email and establishes rules and requirements to regulate  the mass email sending of commercial messages. Hotsol is a CAN SPAM compliant company and the leading mass email service for business owners. . 

Now that we have established that sending non opt in mass email is allowed by the  CAN SPAM Act, here are few steps to follow for successful mass email campaigns:

1. Work with a reputable email data provider to secure targeted email lists.

2. Create email content that speaks to the needs of your customer. You can use the built in drag and drop editor to create your messages or engage our email design team to create custom responsive email templates.

3. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry by offering solutions and information that solve customer pain points. Have clear call to action  in your email messaging that lead to a comprehensive and well designed landing page.

4. Update your email lists regularly. Remove inactive addresses and honor all unsubscribe requests.

Our approach to sending mass email


At Hotsol we understand that a mass email  service can not be a one size fits all solution. If you are a job portal sending job alerts, a real estate agency sending listings or a university sending mass email for research purposes, your needs will be different. Maybe it’s the email delivery speed or the architectural resources needed store data and maximize email delivery. Whatever your objectives are we tailor our mass email solutions to fit the needs of each customer. Our years of experience delivering emails has given us unprecedented insight and knowledge to maximize the delivery of commercial mass email campaigns.

How is sending mass email with Hotsol different? 


After we configure your custom  architecture and  start mass email sending, our teams get to work. Using our proprietary scripts the speed delivery team oversees the rate at which emails are being delivered. Throttling volume based on reputation, ISP limitations and spam complaints are a few of the indicators we examine in real-time to boost email deliverability.

Simultaneously, our IP Blacklist Monitoring team is evaluating the way your email content is received by ISPs, spam trappers and firewalls. Examining how recipients are  engaging with your messages and identifying email click bots that may be wrecking havoc on  deliverability metrics of  your mass email efforts. Whether its business emails or consumer emails, our support teams work 24/7 to keep you in the best position to maximize email delivery.

Put mass email to work for your small business.

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