How to increase sales with real estate email marketing

Real estate email marketing is a cost-effective method to nurture and convert leads, build long-term relationships and drive value and engagement for realtors. In the real estate industry email marketing averages 27.16% open rates and increase significantly when email campaigns are personalized and targeted.

So how do you go about running a successful real estate email marketing campaign like 98% of the top real estate agents in the industry?

Share Valuable Content

Your real estate email marketing campaigns should set yourself apart from other agents and establish you as an expert in the field. Provide value to your audience by sharing helpful information and eye-catching content  with newsletters or summaries of your blog posts.

Buying a home is a major decision and any information that can help the homebuyer along their journey will go a long way into them hiring you as their agent. Sharing articles about the local market, new home listings, recent sales, open houses and market insights can ease anxiety and help your prospects make sound decisions. Go a step further and give them a feel for potential neighborhoods by highlighting schools, local restaurants, businesses and events. Make sure to add contact information, links to your website and the ability to share your newsletter with others.


Segment your email lists and target your marketing messages to the specific needs of your prospects. Research shows that segmented campaigns get 14.64% more opens and 59.99% more clicks. The more relevant data points you can use to segment your leads the better chance you have of turning them into sales. Segmentation options include:

  • Location,
  • Behavior patterns on your website,
  • Property type,
  • Price range,
  • Family size,
  • Income,
  • Marital status

Actively manage your email lists to keep them targeted and subscribers engaged.  Remove bounces, unsubscribes and set thresholds for engagement. We know that an active email list is the blood line of any successful email marketing campaign. If a contact doesn’t engage with your emails for 12 months  they probably don’t want to receive emails from you. Consider removing them or start a reengagement campaign to try to get them back in the fold.

Good Subject Lines

Subject lines are the gatekeepers to your real estate email marketing campaigns,. They are the first thing your recipients see and either cause them to click through to your content or ignore your email. Craft a subject line that subscribers simply can’t resist. Leverage human tendencies and psychological principles such as greed, curiosity, vanity and fear of missing out to get to your emails opened instead of be marking as spam. Be descriptive and personal. Stay away from spam words like:

  • Free
  • Guarantee
  • Act now! Don’t wait!
  • Risk free
  • Order now

Don’t be misleading, avoid ALL CAPS  and make sure not to make any spelling mistakes in your subject line.

Done right, your real estate email campaign will build trust, brand awareness and have a positive impact on the sales of your real estate agency.

Put email marketing to work for your real estate business. Let’s get started!

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