What Is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a data privacy law enacted by the EU in 2018 to protect its citizens in regard to the processing and free movement of their personal information in the digital age.

The purpose of GDPR is the following:

  • Standardize European digital protection laws
  • Support the protection of personal information as a fundamental human right by giving EU citizens more control over their data
  • Requires businesses who handle personal information of EU citizens to process and manage it appropriately

Hotsol And GDPR

Hotsol is a USA corporation with a server infrastructure that spans across 3 continents. The United States, Europe, and Asia. Your personal information is processed and stored in the United States and may be accessed by our staff in any of these locations. We take all the necessary steps to comply with the data protection and privacy rights laws in all of the locations where we do business. By using our website and services, you give us permission to collect, process and store your personal information in the United States and consent to the accessing of your data in any of our locations. All information collected is used for the purpose of improving the services we offer.

Hotsol will never share your personal information with any third party. The only time your personal information will ever be shared is if we are required to do so by law.

Any payment information you provide to us, including credit card data, will only be used for the payment of the Services you purchased.

What Information Do We Collect?

  • Personal information (Name, Email, Address, etc.)
  • Billing and payment information
  • IP address
  • Browser type and version
  • Type of device and operating system
  • Geographic location
  • Any links you click on to access our service and leave our service
  • The pages you view
  • Any updates of your information, cancellation requests or feedback
  • Any communications with us
  • Statistics regarding how your customers interact with the services we provide you
  • Any information you load to our Service that is necessary for it to function correctly (Emails templates, email contacts, email lists, etc.

How We Use Your Information?

We use the information we collect from you for the following purposes:

  • To communicate with you
  • To provide you with the services you purchased
  • To make sure the services we provide you are functioning correctly
  • To provide you with technical support or customer service
  • To inform you about any changes to your service
  • To offer and improve our services
  • To troubleshoot our servers and services
  • To comply with our security and compliance measures
  • To customize our services to you
  • To determine how many customers have evaluated or purchased our products and services
  • To resolve disputes
  • To prevent abuse
  • To comply with our legal obligation and enforce our Agreements

How We Protect Your Information?

We use our best efforts to protect and secure your data against unauthorized access, accidental destruction, security breaches, unauthorized modification of your data and other unlawful acts in accordance with applicable law. Your credit card information is processed and transferred using the most secure transmission technology to a third party for processing. It is encrypted and securely stored on our servers with restricted access to process any transactions.

The internet is an open system and the transmission of information across it is not completely secure. We will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard and to protect your personal information, but we cannot guarantee the security of your information transmitted through our Services or over the internet. All transmissions are done at your own risk.
Measures we have implemented to protect your data include:

  • HTTPS and SSL Layers for access to our Website
  • Password protection

We cannot guarantee there will never be a breach, and we are not responsible if any breach occurs. We are not responsible for the actions of any third parties that may cause a breach. If a security breach occurs that directly affects your personal information, Hotsol will inform you as soon as possible.

Your Rights

Under GDPR EU citizens have the following rights:


We are transparent about the data we collect. You have the right to know what personal data we collect, how we use it and who we share it with. You can access your personal data at any time.

Data Correction

You can modify your data at any time. If you believe your personal data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate you can ask us to correct it.

Data Portability

You can request that we transfer your data to you or to a third party or competitor at any time if and when its technically feasible. Your request to erase your data will be completed within 30 days.

Right to be Forgotten

You can request that we stop processing your data for the following reasons:

  • If you believe we are processing your data unlawfully
  • If you have canceled the Service and no longer believe we need to keep your personal data
  • For marketing purposes
  • For scientific/historical research and statistics
  • For own legitimate interest and you object to this processing

Right to Objection

You have the right to object at any time to us processing your data and can unsubscribe from our Services at any time.

Your Responsibilities

GDPR provides these same rights to your customers. As soon as your server and software are delivered, it is your responsibility to be compliant with GDPR and accommodate users who are looking to exercise their right their personal information that you store.

Some examples of how you can stay compliant:

  • Delete contacts and email lists you are no longer using
  • Delete customer information upon request
  • Update your subscription forms
  • Delete unsubscriber request users from your list

If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to GDPR, send us an email at

Request to Terminate: You are responsible for terminating your account. You may terminate this contract at any time via written request to or via the billing software by choosing cancelation under Services. Keep in mind if your subscription is recurring via a Pay Account, you will have to cancel the subscription directly from your PayPal account. HOTSOL shall have no liability to you or any third party because of such termination. HOTSOL will not refund fees charged to your account and credit card as a result of your failure to properly terminate your account in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Right to Terminate: HOTSOL reserves the right to terminate your account without notice at any time for content or activity that it deems in its sole discretion, to be improper, illegal, in contravention of SPAM laws or otherwise in breach of these Terms and Conditions. In no case will such actions make us responsible or liable for compliance with any such laws or obligations, for which you remain solely responsible and liable.

Availability of Archived Data Following Termination: The subscriber agrees that the company has the right to delete all data, files or other information that is stored in the subscriber’s account if the subscriber’s account is terminated, for any reason, by either HOTSOL or the subscriber.

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