Boost your Business with Cold Email

Incorporating a cold email service into your overall email marketing strategy is an incredibly effective way to reach a large number of people quickly and easily. Get your business in front of new customers and build relationships

Using a cold email service for outreach is a tried and true strategy where you reach out to people who have never heard of you before with the specific goal of getting them to engage with your content, buy a product or service, or even help you build your business. As long as you follow spam guidelines and optimize your content when sending bulk cold email, you will begin to gain traction and increase brand awareness.

There are a number of reasons why a cold email service might be the right choice for your  bulk email marketing efforts:

1. A cold email service is affordable: Compared to other forms of marketing, such as TV or radio advertising, cold email marketing is incredibly affordable.

2. A cold email service is effective: A well-executed cold email marketing campaign can be extremely effective in converting leads into customers.

3. A cold email service is fast: With a well-targeted cold email list, you can send out your emails and start seeing results in a very short amount of time.

Cold email basics


When using a cold email service to send bulk email campaigns, some basics need to be followed before anything else. One such basic is to acquire a high-quality targeted cold email list from a reputable email list provider.

Deploying cold emails in bulk used to be as simple as sending out an email blast, but now bulk cold emails must be personalized, targeted, and speak to the needs of your audience to avoid spam folders and increase your open and click-through rates. Cold emails must provide some value instead of just asking the recipient to make a purchase.

3 ways to use a cold email service 


Market research. This is the process where a cold email service is used to gather actionable information about customers and target markets or feedback on products or services.

Lead generation. This is when a cold email service is used to target companies or individuals with messages  about your product or service at scale.

Cold sales. A cold email service is used to generator sales by targeting recipients with the intent of converting them into paying customers.

Bulk cold email vs Spam?


For bulk cold email to work and not be considered spam, you need to get up close and personal with your potential client or customer. The cold email service you partner with and how you craft a cold email matters a lot, because this cold email may be the first point of contact between your company and your target audience.

The cold email subject line is the one sentence that will set the tone for opening up discussions that can be of great value to you. Think about the cold email subject line as the headline of a newspaper article, it’s what people will see and hopefully read, so choose wisely.

An effective bulk cold email should:

– Introduce your business with a cold email subject line that captures attention.

– Include a recognizable send from address in the sender section of your email.

– Address the cold email recipient by name.

– Include a clear and concise call to action at the end of your cold email message.

A spam email typically has none of these elements. It’s usually generic, not personalized, has no connection to your business, and typically contains vague content and incomplete sender information. Here is an example of a spam email:

Open rates for cold email campaigns


Many factors influence the open rates of bulk cold email campaigns. The cold email service provider, type of industry, nature of your offering, call to action, and how competitive your target market is are all contributing factors. The quality of your cold emails lists and content has a tremendous amount of influence over the success of your campaigns. All ISPs will react differently and each campaign and email list will have different results.

 Did you know cold emailing has an average response rate of 1-5%?

Cold email statistics show that cold emails are successful as they have success rates of up to 34%.

When done bulk cold email is a guaranteed way to generate highly targeted leads that are interested in what you have to offer. When properly nurtured, cold email relationship development can help you grow your business exponentially.

Ready to launch your bulk cold email campaign?

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