9 Benefits of Small Business Email Marketing

The benefits of small business email marketing are numerous, and learning how to run a successful email marketing campaign can skyrocket your bottom-line. It’s an inexpensive marketing channel that enables businesses to build highly engaging audiences who are interested in hearing from them. In this post, we will explore 9 benefits of email marketing that can get your business growing immediately.

1. Build Credibility

Build credibility with your audience by positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field. Share authentic experiences, expert advice and tips to give a prospect considering making a purchase the insight they need about your products and services to complete the sale.

2. Increase Sales

Send customers who haven’t visited in a while a gentle reminder of who you are and what you can do for them. Incentivize them to come back into the fold with a discount. Another great way to increase sales to is to expose customers to “related products” by cross-promoting them on confirmation and shipping notification emails.

3. Strengthen Relationships

Build brand loyalty with existing customers by granting discounts, product exclusives and complimentary services throughout the year. Periodically ask for feedback about your company and use of the services or products you offer. Use this information to determine subject lines and content that focuses on the interests of your customers.

4. Brand Awareness

Small business email marketing is an excellent way to build and maintain brand recognition with new and potential clients. Reinforce your brand by spreading your core message across your target audience with a clear vision and consistent brand promise. Broaden your target market by giving your recipients the ability to spread your message via sharing and forwarding tools.

5. Generate Leads

Not everyone who joins your email list will be ready to make a purchase right away. Email gives you a direct marketing channel to capture their attention and nurture the relationship by sharing helpful and informative content. Over time, your email-marketing program will strengthen the relationship between you and your subscribers and consistently convert them into paying customers.

6. Boost Conversions

Email lets you keep track of which messages are generating the most opens and clicks, so you get to know which messages from your business resonate more with your audience. Using this and other data you gather about your customers and target market, you can craft your message to their specific needs, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

7. Personalize your Marketing

Email marketing gives you the ability to organize your customers into lists and communicate with them based on interest, purchase behavior, location, and more. Personalized promotional emails have a 29% higher unique open rate than non-personalized emails and generate 6x higher transaction rates.

8. Increase Traffic

Whether you are an online store or a brick and mortar retailer, a great small business email marketing strategy can increase both online and foot traffic. Design your emails to encourage website interaction by making sure you have a clear call-to-action that directs to specific destinations on your website. Drive customers to your physical location with seasonal content, exclusive products, limited offers, and timely discounts.

9. Generate Phone Calls

Sending the right email at the right time can generate a ton of phone inquiries for your business. A BIA/Kelsey study found that calls to businesses are 10-15 times more likely to generate a sale than leads that simply clicked a link. When it comes to purchase intent, a prospect that calls you is more likely to complete the purchase as they are likely in the latter stages of the buying journey.

Put email marketing to work for your business.

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